Wednesday, May 13, 2009

rubber baby buggy bumpers!

I have stumbled upon a new project.  Baby onesies.  Being a former embroidery business owner, I still have a kickin' machine to dust off and get going every once in a while.  So this idea all began when I went to a baby shower for a friend of mine who is refusing to tell anyone the name of her baby.  I usually monogram baby gifts and this just completely threw me off.  I knew it was a girl so I decided to come up with a couple of cute phrases to put on onesies:  "nobody puts baby in the corner" and simply "baby cakes."  They were a hit.  My friend immediately asked me to put more phrases on a few onesies for people that she knew.  Then, my sister in law asked me if I had some baby stuff laying around that she could use for a shower she was going to.  I gave her a couple: "rubber baby buggy bumpers!" and "I'm not pooping, I'm just thinking real hard."  Another slam dunk.  So I decided to make up a few and have my own little etsy store showcasing my new stuff... so anything baby related belongs here.

If you're too lazy to click, here's some of what I've done...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

cinco de yum yum!

SO I've been a little neglectful lately.  I apologize to you, blog.  Extreme lip balm making caused me to stop creating for a while.  However, I did create some pretty amazing cheese quesadillas and homemade guacamole for Cinco de Mayo.

in the words of Rachael Ray... delish!

Sorry no guac pic.  It looked way too much like baby poo.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

my latest project.

my cousin is getting married next month and my aunt asked me if I could make lip balms as favors.  I was excited to make something for his wedding, so I have been working to make them look just perfect for the special day.  I just finished with my first batch... here's how they're looking.

only 225 left to make!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

dogwood blossoms.

My mother always loved dogwood trees. LOVED them. When I was about nine, we moved into a new neighborhood in my hometown and she was very excited to plant a dogwood tree in the front yard of our new house. The seasons changed and the dogwood tree never bloomed. She was very sad. She started to notice that throughout the neighborhood there were a few other dogwood trees planted that never seemed to bloom. Apparently, the soil in our new neighborhood just wasn't conducive to a blossoming dogwood tree. A few years passed and still nothing. My mom had been battling breast cancer for a while at this point and a few months before my thirteenth birthday, she passed away never witnessing a single blossom on that tree. We always thought that the tree would never bloom.... then the spring after my mother's death came and the tree blossomed! Wow! What a cool thing!

So several years passed and the tree never blossomed again. My dad eventually decided to just chop it down, but he kept part of the tree in the back of our house (it just looked like a big old stick) until just before he passed away in 2003. I never even knew what that stick was until my brother told me about it a few years ago.

So this brings us to now... I found a really great sketch of dogwood blossoms several months ago that I have kept with me ever since. Last night, I decided to get the sketch tattooed on the inner part of my ankle. The tattoo artist said what I had was a little too detailed so he played around with it and came up with something that we could both agree on. And yes, I know some of you won't approve, but I wanted to have something of significance other than a silly old tramp stamp so here it is...

Monday, February 23, 2009

bottle bottoms

I got inspired a few months ago when I found a project on Etsy where the artist cut the bottoms off of plastic bottles and decoupaged them to make a brooch/pendant/cool piece of art.  So here's my take on it.

I put a little clip on the back to attach the bottoms to a necklace or a pin or a barrette.

Maybe a new hot seller???

Sunday, February 22, 2009

the mask.

No way I'm going to let a little illness keep me from baking up some sweet goodness.  My friend Jeremy's 30th birthday was this weekend and he had asked me to make him monkey bread.  Since I have been under the weather the past few days, I decided to purchase a mask and wear it while I cooked so my germs didn't damage the birthday goods.

kinda creepy.

yum yum... my boyfriend's oven needs a deep clean!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

resin madness

I decided to play with resin yesterday.  I found a container of buttons that I've had for quite a while sitting around and decided to cast them.  It was my first time to experiment with it so there are definitely a few kinks to be worked out, but this is my result!

the white ones are sprinkles.  yum.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I made the list.

I have been a member of a little website called Cut Out + Keep for about a year now.  It is in essence like a myspace or facebook for crafters where you can create a profile, post projects and how-to's of those projects, and befriend other crafters.  I have posted a few projects there and recently found a list on their site called The Best of 2008.  Well, if you scroll down to #78, there I am giving you instructions on how to make banana lip balm.  Pretty sweet!

check it out.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


my latest craft... feather headbands.

Here's the best pic I have at this time.  I need to make a new light tent.  A bigger light tent.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

things that are red.

the other night, david and I were sitting around the house in our flannel pants and decided to go take pictures of each other with things that are red.  Not the best candids, but here they are anyway....

for sale!! 

 a pretty red bow!

hiding behind a bush of berries.

we found some red nail polish in the car.

a chinese buffet... always quite red!

the chiropractor... showing up a little orange, but definitely red in person.

we finally found the perfect stop sign!

that's 11:20pm... shouldn't it be a little cooler than 52 degrees?

I look like I have a really thick sideburn.

red umbrellas on sale!!  We should go back when this store is open!

david does love a good coke.

winn dixie... a dying breed.

black and white and red all over!

we saw Santa in a yard so I ran and stood by him while David stayed in the car and took the pic.  I'm so glad no one came out with a shotgun!  I wish the picture had've turned out better.

Not too bad for a completely random night!