about me.

Hi.  I'm Allison, sometimes called Al.  Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web.

In real life I'm a personal trainer, massage therapist, yoga and fitness instructor, and health/weight loss coach.  

I'm a vegetarian.  I do eat eggs and some dairy.  I love food.  I love it.  If I could, I would eat a constant feast throughout each day.  However, I do try to maintain a healthy lifestyle since it's kinda my job to.  You'll see plenty of unhealthy treats on my blog though.  

I am also a crafty lady.  I like to try to make new things.  I love to attempt to replicate things I see online or in stores that are crazy expensive.  You'll also see this craftiness on the blog.

The mister.  I like to call him this.  His name is David.  He's awesome.  He loves chocolate ice cream.  He gets quite a few mentions on this blog.  He also has his own blog that needs to be updated (nudge, nudge, baby)

We have been together for 7 years, but only married for 1.  This is his happy face.

Oscar.  He gets the Friday posts.  My sweet buddy.  
The snuggliest, sweetest, most loving cat I've ever known.  He likes to pee on the floor next to his litter box when we go out of town.  Every time.  Never fails.  
Did I mention he's snuggly?

Zoe.  My shy cat.  All she needs is love. love.  Love is all she needs.
I think she would let me pet her for hours and hours if I had the time.
She doesn't understand personal space.
She's also a snuggle cat.  I'm the luckiest cat mom.