Sunday, January 25, 2009


my latest craft... feather headbands.

Here's the best pic I have at this time.  I need to make a new light tent.  A bigger light tent.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

things that are red.

the other night, david and I were sitting around the house in our flannel pants and decided to go take pictures of each other with things that are red.  Not the best candids, but here they are anyway....

for sale!! 

 a pretty red bow!

hiding behind a bush of berries.

we found some red nail polish in the car.

a chinese buffet... always quite red!

the chiropractor... showing up a little orange, but definitely red in person.

we finally found the perfect stop sign!

that's 11:20pm... shouldn't it be a little cooler than 52 degrees?

I look like I have a really thick sideburn.

red umbrellas on sale!!  We should go back when this store is open!

david does love a good coke.

winn dixie... a dying breed.

black and white and red all over!

we saw Santa in a yard so I ran and stood by him while David stayed in the car and took the pic.  I'm so glad no one came out with a shotgun!  I wish the picture had've turned out better.

Not too bad for a completely random night!