Wednesday, March 5, 2008


so I was getting in my car the other day after a little trip to Target to buy some baby gifts and as I was leaving, a random guy drove up and said, "excuse me, ma'am? My wife has my debit card and I'm out of gas. Can you spare some cash?" Well, I hate it when people call me ma'am. It's like I'm an old grandma or something. And I never give beggars cash... call me heartless if you must, but I think they are almost always con artists. So I said, "Sorry I don't have any cash but good luck." So the guy kinda grumbled about his wife or something and drove off. I didn't think anything of it until yesterday when I was at Whole Foods (because I like to eat healthy and spend a ton of money doing it apparently) and the SAME GUY came up to me and asked the same thing. Although I think he recognized me because it was much shorter and to the point this time and I think when he saw my face he knew I was on to him. Anyway, I'm so dumb because I should have called him out on it but I didn't. Arrgh! Why didn't I? I don't know. That would have been cool.

Oh well. I decided to blog about it instead. And since I always post a pic with my blogs and I didn't have my camera with me when I was propositioned either time, I decided to post a pic of this guy instead...


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