Friday, May 2, 2008

earrings and a ruff

I have been busy lately... but not too busy to make a couple of things. So let me share...

I have fallen in love with this website
It's kinda like a myspace for crafters... I LOVE it!
And I saw these earrings on there so I had to try and make them myself in black and in green... rhumba earrings!!

Now the other creation I have came from this nifty little book that my brother and his family gave me for Christmas....

I made a ruff. It's like a small little ruffly scarf that fits around your neck and keeps you warm... just in time for a hot Alabama summer, right?? At least I'll have it for when the coldness comes back at the end of the year.

In other news, Oscar is doing much better. He had surgery Wednesday and everything is flowing nicely! Hooray for healthy, happy, shaved cats!!

he's happy because he doesn't have a cone on his head in this pic!

1 comment:

JOHN M said...

Plus he won't get crap in his fur now. So that's a plus.