Sunday, October 26, 2008

peas and curry

Sometimes I just need some spice in my mouth... so that's when I decided to smell up David's house with the flavorful aroma of curry. I found a recipe for chickpea curry a long time ago that I love and decided to pull it out of the archives and make it happen.... here's what went down.

sauteed onions.


chickpeas... and yes, Bush's contributed to my Indian recipe!!!

rice, more spice, a totally 80's plate, and a fork.

Indian food makes you drink plenty of water... so when dehydrated, eat more curry!!!

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djkirk75 said...

when i was in our computer department, we had some indian contractors. they used to bring their lunch and eat it at their cubicles....right beside me. thanks to them, the smell of curry is not my favorite thing. thanks for coming down the other night. it meant a lot to us but so much more to katherine.