Tuesday, August 30, 2011

before & after: the relationship lamp

My husband and I have been working to de-junkify our house since we first got married.  The initial merge was pretty overwhelming and stressful since we both are sentimental beings who have trouble throwing things away.  So far, we've been successful.

Since we first put our bedroom together, I've kept his lamp by my bedside and he has nothing.  He hates this.  So I was glad to find that we had not gotten rid of our relationship lamp.  This lamp was an old lamp that he had when we first started dating and we decided to paint it all different colors after about a year of dating.  We started calling it the relationship lamp because we had a big talk about our relationship and love when we painted it.

We should call it the clown lamp... what were we thinking?!

ah.  much better.  I feel like such an adult now.  And mister gets his old lamp back.

1 comment:

Bethany said...

But the relationship lamp is so klassy. It looks good now though. More grown up, indeed.