Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY chalkboard labels

So the local craft store was having a glass sale and I got these glass canisters for a steal of a deal!!

but something was missing.
they seemed so naked.

I happened to have a sheet of labels sitting around waiting to be used so I decided to put them to good use.

lightly spray the labels with chalkboard paint.  let dry.  repeat.  repeat.  repeat.
yes.  it took 4 coats.

chalkboard painted labels.

they were a little large for my canisters so I cut them into squares.

super cool, inexpensive project (especially if you already have chalkboard paint)


Bethany said...

I love this idea. I have super old antique jars that I put my flour and sugar in, but I woudlnt' really want to paint on them (in case I ever changed my mind). I like using the labels so you can could scrub it off later if needed. Did you keep any of the excess labels??? If so, can I have?

Little Tree Vintage said...

very cute! i love chalkboard paint!

Tamara Eaker said...

Hey, I see that the labels you used were Avery, but I am just wondering what were they exactly?
REALLY love this, super creative!

Allison Crawford said...

Thanks!! I don't remember the exact size I used, but I did use bigger labels and I cut them down. You could actually use specialty scissors and make scalloped or zig zag edges if you wanted to get fancy!