Thursday, April 19, 2012

chocolate crinkle cookies... and a boot!

I'm competitive.  Like crazy insane competitive. I try to keep it under control, but sometimes it just eats me alive.  One reason why I cook is for the love that people give that comes along with it.  So when I go to a party and someone else has brought something tastier than my dish, I get less love.

My friends had a little get together a couple of months ago and this tramp (not really, she was super nice) brought these sexy good chocolate crinkle cookies, which totally trumped my... I don't even remember what I made!  ha!  But I remembered the cookies.
so I looked up a recipe on Pinterest.

they were just as I remembered.

In other news, I developed a stress fracture last night.  ugh.
It is located in the 4th metatarsal of my right foot and I can hardly put any pressure.
I was really hitting my running stride!

okay now let's take another look at those beautiful cookies.

mm, mm, mm.

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