Saturday, June 25, 2011

pops and puppet

Today we celebrated my sweet little niece's 8th birthday.  I make cake pops quite a bit, but she wanted teddy bear cake pops!  what?!  I only make the round ones covered in sprinkles.  Who would show this child Bakerella's website and make me feel like the less than perfect cake pop artist that I may or may not be.

So I did a trial run.  It was embarrassing.  So embarrassing that I couldn't even bear to take a picture and post it.  Then our power went out yesterday during the time I had to set aside to work on these dreaded bears... and stayed out until about 3am.  So I dragged my tired butt out of bed at 6am and worked... then I stressed, texted my sister-in-law, then said screw it I'm making these things and taking them to the party whether they look good or not.

don't judge.  they're creepy, I know.

she's awesome because she loves my creepy bear head pops.

I redeemed my ability to create cool, beautiful things by making a puppet as her gift.  I can't wait for some puppet shows in my near future!!!

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Bethany said...

Yeah, your cake pops are a bit creepy. But I'm so glad you still took them! She probably loved them. And I know they tasted good. Love the puppet. You have so much talent.