Tuesday, June 21, 2011

playstation 3 cords and a falafel picnic in the park!

All this time and no blog posts... I lost my camera cord so I couldn't transfer pics onto my computer.  But alas!  I can't believe I would ever say thank goodness my husband is a PS3 man, but my camera uses the same cord that the controller uses to charge to the playstation.  wahoo!  I'm back baby.

So I have lots to blog about, I'll start with our picnic in the park last weekend.  I have been really excited about trying out new recipes and such for my new husband.  He's not a vegetarian, but is very nice and open when I prepare him veggie meals.  I try to choose things that are dense and don't cause him to miss the meat.  The symphony had a free concert in the park so I thought it would be nice to make a picnic meal.  For our picnic, I went with falafel pita sandwiches and pasta salad.  We finished off with strawberry cake I had made leftover from his family reunion.  YUM!

stopping to pose while unpacking our basket.

falafel and pasta salad... delish!

a full belly under the setting sun.

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Capable Girl said...

i'm totally jealous! that picnic looks so fun and your meal looks amazing. ad to top it off, i look like a total dweeb in hats and you look adorable!