Thursday, July 21, 2011

my tomatoes are gonna go bad...

until I saw this post on Scissors & Spatulas

When I told my husband I was making tomato pie, he immediately turned his nose up like I had just told him I was making poopie pie.  Funny that he went back for seconds.


PS... I made my crust from scratch!  Bam!


Bethany said...

Homemade pie crust? You are so much more domesticated than I am. I won't even attempt it. I am a pillsbury pie crust kind of girl. I don't have the patience for homemade. I have to say a tomato pie sounds kinda gross, but I do have about 12 tomatoes from my neighbors mama's farm that I need to use. Maybe (maybe, that's a slight maybe) I'll try out your pie but with a Pillsbury pie crust.

married al said...

tomato pie sounds completely gross, but it's good. Kinda like a pizza. Do it!