Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I was asked to bring something to my husband's family dual birthday celebration the other weekend and when I heard that we were having vegetarian chili, I figured I'd whip up some cornbread.  

*I am very particular about my cornbread.  I like it moist and sweet (unlike many Southerners who like a more dry version) so I made 2 versions

normal cornbread muffins first... 

melt butter.

dissolve sugar.

add flour and cornmeal.

muffins!  easier to serve to large parties and kids.

sweet and moist. bam.

 now we do fun zucchini cornbread.
shredded zucchini.

mix in onion, eggs, corn muffin mix, salt + pepper, cheese

crazy yum.

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tamara said...

i am totally with you on moist cornbread. looks awesome as usual around here.