Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY: how to resize a tee

I got a couple of new shirts for work the other day (we have to wear shirts with our logo) and even after I washed them, they fit me like a maternity shirt.  Pretty awkward I must say.  So I figured I'd make them fit me better AND show you how to to do it, too!

Turn your shirt inside out and lay a shirt that fits you how you like on top of the shirt to be altered.
Then mark the outline of the fitted shirt onto your new shirt.
*the sleeves of my shirt fit just fine, so I only altered the sides and left the sleeves alone.

Sew along the marks that you made onto your shirt.

Cut along the edge of the stitch.

I added a zig zag stitch for sturdiness.  If you have a serger, serge away!!

done in less than 15 mins.
Now you know where I work.
Please don't stalk me.

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