Wednesday, September 28, 2011

it's someone's birthday today... let's have ice cream cake!

today is my husband's birthday.
happy birthday, David... the best husband ever (seriously.  Other people just think they have the best husband ever)!
David loves this picture of himself.  That is why I chose it.

My husband's favorite cake is ice cream cake.  I usually spend way too much purchasing one, but last year I made ice cream cupcakes and they were delicious. So this year??  We're turning those cupcakes into a cake.  Let's see how it turned out...

I baked a chocolate cake in a springform pan.

scraps from leveling it off... tasty and dangerous.

melty ice cream (my husband would give his right arm for this)

melty ice cream spread on top of leveled cake.

now for the most frustrating cake frosting ever..

don't judge.  it's hard to frost melty ice cream... even after I let it harden in the freezer over night.

he loves chocolate... it's gonna be a happy birthday!!

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Capable Girl said...

What a stud!! The cake looks AMAZING!