Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Christmas dishtowel

I got crafty last week and decided to put some fabric flowers on a dish towel.
(for fabric flower tutorial, click here.)

so I picked up some scraps of red, green and yellow and made fabric flowers (minus the hot glued buttons)

figured out how I wanted the flowers on the towel and then pinned them in their spot.

sewed buttons on.
this keeps the flowers in place.
you have to make sure that you catch the fabric on your needle so be sure that your flower middles aren't too large (or buttons too small!!)

and done.
something that can be easily done while watching episodes of Intervention you've DVR'ed.
it's a really good show.

1 comment:

tamara said...

wow we are really on the same wavelength then -- i have scheduled a post ab fabric flowers (not quite as sophisticated as these -- i use hot glue and have frayed ends).

awesome job.