Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DIY gold striped platter

I am really in love with stripes right now... and I thought it would be really super cool to have a pink and gold striped platter.  So I made a big and a little.  Here's the DIY.

you can buy clear glass plates and platters pretty cheap and you can do a lot of cool projects with them
(um, hello?  Christmas presents!)

Tape off the platter with painters tape to make stripes.  You could do a gingham pattern, too... or even Chevron if you're feeling fancy!

spray it.  (notice I paint on the underside so I can still put food on the platter :)

wait for the paint to dry and peel tape.

Spray with contrasting color.

cool!!  Don't look too closely.  The lines aren't perfect, but I'm keeping it so it doesn't matter so much :)

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